How to Choose a Paddle Surf Board

In paddle surfing it is important to choose the right paddle, but perhaps more important is to find a suitable board to do this sport. For this choice it is essential to take into account the physical characteristics in terms of height and weight of the person, but also to assess what my abilities are and the mastery they have over the technique of this sport. That is why we are going to teach you how to choose a paddle surf board that are right for you. Let’s start!

What do you need to choose a paddle surf board?

  • Know your level of knowledge about the practice of paddle surfing
  • your weight
  • The weight of the board you are going to use
  • The weight of the paddle you will use
  • your comfort value
  • Know the type of Paddle Surf that you are going to practice.

Instructions for choosing a paddle surf board

  1. For all those people who have not yet mastered paddle surfing one hundred percent, we recommend that you choose a board with ample volume, in this way the balance will not be such a great obstacle to cross the sea.
  2. Each paddle surf board has a certain minimum volume so that a person can easily get on it. To do this, it must be calculated by adding the weight of the person, the weight of the table, the weight of the ear, the comfort value to float.
  3. The comfort value will vary depending on the experience you have in practicing this sport, the more knowledge you have, the less volume is necessary. Expert 20 to 30 liters medium 35 to 50 liters basic 40 to 50 liters and beginners 50 liters.
  4. As for the length of the southern pay table, you need to know that this does not change stability under normal conditions, but it does when you catch a big wave. If you are a beginner it is better that your paddle surf board is between 9 and 10 feet
  5. Another important point to take into account is the type of paddle surfing you have chosen, for example to make long journeys we need a large volume board, on the other hand if what we want is to catch waves what we will need is a board that resembles the traditional.

Tips for choosing a paddle surf board

When you are going to buy a paddle surf board, we recommend that you ask the seller which paddle surf board best suits you. You must explain to him what type of paddle surfing you are going to practice and what your knowledge about the techniques is so that he can advise you correctly.


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