Types of Yoga

Today, due to the pressures of the system in which we live, health problems or the desire to rediscover one, thousands of people around the world have devoted themselves to practicing an ancient discipline, which has gained much popularity with the pass of time.

Perhaps you already know what we are talking about, we mean yoga. This discipline can be practiced by people of different ages. In fact, it is recommended for the elderly, as it allows them to stay active and enjoy greater flexibility and concentration.

Yoga is a series of postures that are intended not only to cultivate the body, as would be the case in sports, but also help the person to cultivate the mind and spirit. This practice has its origin in India and is very common in people who profess Hinduism, so it is closely related to religion.

Despite having its roots in the East, it has spread throughout the West, reaching the most remote places.

It is not only about postures, which may seem somewhat complex to you; it is also related to breathing and meditation, with the purpose of improving the spiritual life of people, by rediscovering and accepting oneself.

Now, there are different types of yoga, would you like to know what they are in order to practice any? Next we will be talking about it. In addition, we will be informing you about the instructions you must follow, what you need to practice this discipline and some additional tips on the subject.

After knowing all these details, perhaps you will be encouraged to enjoy this new experience, and make it a unique opportunity to progress.


In order to enjoy this ancient practice, it is important that you take into account some indications. For example, you should find the appropriate place to practice this discipline, which, mainly, should be spacious. We do not want an accident to occur when performing any of the postures, nor do we want you to hit yourself for not calculating the distances well.

On the other hand, you must get the necessary implements to do yoga. Among them we find the mat, a yoga block, a towel and a bottle of water, since some postures require great physical effort and you may perspire.

When it comes to clothing, you don’t need to buy anything special. It will be enough with pants and a shirt, these can be to the body or baggy, as you prefer. The truth is that the most advisable thing is that they allow you to carry out the movements with freedom and comfort. Neither is a special color necessary, although many opt for white.

After you have the implements, the clothing and the space, the next thing you should do is know what the steps to follow are.

The first thing you should do is dedicate a few minutes a day to meditation, which requires you to be quiet and know how to breathe. Inhale deeply through your nose, until you fill your lungs with enough air, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat the procedure over and over again.

You could also include a chant or mantra to calm the mind and focus your thoughts. Then, you must establish what your intention is to practice yoga.

Then, you can do a little body warm -up by doing the sun salutation. Which consists of standing up and inclining the trunk to the feet and then getting up extending the arms towards the sky? Do it as many times as you consider necessary.

Then, incorporate other types of stretches, push-ups, bridges or, if you feel ready, you can do some basic yoga poses, such as mountain pose, tree pose, warrior pose, triangle pose, fish pose or the one with the dog looking down.

To finish, always do it with a relaxed posture, such as the posture of the corpse. This should not be an exception but part of the rule.

If you don’t know the correct way to perform these movements, it is best to read a little about yoga postures or ask the help of a teacher, in order to avoid an injury caused by a wrong movement.

Some people are a little intimidated by the presence of another person. Perhaps they feel sorry for thinking that they are not doing it the right way. However, the teacher will not only be your guide but he will also fill you with positivity, peace and energy.

Consider varying your daily routine. Do a mix of easy and hard sessions. You could also vary the length of your practice sessions. Sometimes they can be long and sometimes short.

If you wish, you can invite a friend to accompany you to perform the yoga exercises. Some of them even require teamwork. On the other hand, you will feel more comfortable and motivated.

You will see that in a very short time your body will become more flexible, balanced and strong. So you can perform positions that previously cost you a lot or you can include some more difficult ones.

You will also breathe much better and your ability to concentrate will increase. That is, you will be able to feel good about yourself and achieve spiritual fulfillment.

What do you need

Before deciding to practice this discipline, it is important that you know some types of yoga that exist. That is, the nine branches of the yoga tree, whose purpose is to unite the body and mind. However, regardless of the type of yoga you want to practice, you will work on meditation and the connection between individual and universal consciousness.

Among the types of yoga we find Bhakti yoga, it is the path of devotion and worship to God. Its intention is to cultivate a special relationship with the divine. It is practiced using chanting sessions.

There is also Hatha yoga, it is ideal for those who seek to consolidate their body and maintain good physical health, since it is about exploring the body through the different yoga postures. This is the most common type of yoga in the West.

On the other hand, there is also Jape yoga or yoga with mantras. A mantra is a word, phrase or syllable that is repeated out loud, with the purpose of centering the mind so that it can come into harmony with the body.

Another branch of yoga is Jana yoga, which is also known as the yoga of true knowledge. Those who practice this type of yoga are constantly seeking wisdom through themselves through debate and reason.

Karma yoga is ideal for those people whose purpose in life is to serve humanity, since it is a selfless path, which sees yoga as the means to be able to offer oneself to God, without the need to expect any reward.

One that you may have already heard of is Tanta yoga, as many people mistakenly associate it with a spiritual type of sex. However, sex is only a tiny part of tantric yoga. This works on the part of the ritual, meditation and mysticism. One of the branches of tantric yoga is hatha yoga.

Lay yoga or kundalini yoga has the purpose of acting based on the chakras or energy centers, with the purpose of achieving mastery of each one of them to find true power.

Another type of yoga, which we can talk about, is Raja yoga. It is one of the most classic types of yoga, since it is about the development of the mind. It is also known by the name of the king’s path and its objective is to improve the person’s ability to concentrate.

There is also Karina yoga. This is an advanced technique to achieve spiritual evolution with one’s own being. He is also known due to his desire to achieve union with infinity through various actions.

On the other hand, we find Sahara yoga, whose main objective is to be fully aware of our true being. It is also known as union with the everywhere power of divine love.

Ansari yoga, which is also known as the yoga of tantric philosophy, is about perceiving the universe through our own senses, as a manifestation of God.

Aerial yoga, as its name suggests, is about practicing yoga in the air, and it has many benefits for both the body and the mind.

Last but not least for our well-being, there is Kraal yoga, which is an instrument to achieve autonomy and personal growth. It is also known as the yoga of self-acceptance.


Don’t try to go too fast. Yoga is not about a race; rather the idea is to go little by little. Knowing our body and how it reacts to each of the postures is not achieved overnight. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to cultivate patience and take enough time to complete the process.

On the other hand, if you are not flexible enough, it does not mean that you cannot practice yoga. This is a common mistake when starting to practice this discipline. On the contrary, flexibility, strength and balance will be gained over time.

Your attitude and interest in improving will also play a very important role. However, avoid going beyond what your body allows you. You must be aware of the limitations of your body and not force it. Remember that it is a process of gradual evolution.

Also, you should try to disconnect from the outside world, no matter if it is falling apart. Try to concentrate and do not get frustrated if you easily get out of that state. Just as the muscles require training, the mind does too. But that is not achieved overnight.

The way to reach concentration is breathing. As much as possible, you should focus your mind and attention on your breath. In this way, it will be easier for you to carry out each of the postures.

If you have health problems such as knee, back, cervical, spine or other injuries, it is important that you perform yoga under the supervision of an expert. He will be able to tell you what positions you can perform. Some might make the problem worse; while others might help you correct it or improve your health.

With the exception of meditation, when performing yoga exercises, you should always breathe through your nose. Do it slowly, coordinating it with each movement you make. This way you will enjoy the experience.


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