How to Start Running

Running is something that supposedly everyone knows how to do and it’s not that they don’t know how to do it, but to start doing it; it’s not enough just to want to or not to do it.

Yes, gentlemen, it’s fashion, running, being a runner, but everyone has a principle to run and first of all you have to have some physical background, because if we don’t take it we won’t get very far when we go out on the street.

To start it without reluctance there are a series of tricks. It is clear that if our closet is not equipped, the first day and we will lose the desire, so if we have already stopped smoking, we have done our medical check-up and we are more or less aware of going for a run, we must have at least the sportswear essentials for it. Then we will say what will be better for us. So what better than having good shoes, some good socks that don’t hurt us, comfortable pants along with a sports shirt and being accompanied by the latest technologies so that it doesn’t feel too heavy? There are many accessories that are sold in sports stores to measure our heart rate, pulsations, to carry the mobile, to play music.

Then it’s time to go running and where… Anywhere that catches our attention is good, be it a park, a street, a forest trail or even a gym treadmill, although it would not be the same. And it is from being clear where we are going to start running to how we are going to do it.

This is not complicated if we take care of ourselves and train little by little. First ride lightly for a short time, then for a longer time and we have the idea of ​​how to start and what to have prepared for it.

We will see how difficult the beginnings are, but because we all have our genetic base and a sporting past that in many cases is non-existent. As we have said on other occasions, the body is very wise and remembers everything, everything is recorded and if we have gained weight, our knees, for example, will be very sensitive and it will not be the same to start training.

We will do this training for weeks and for example in the first week we can also alternate a few minutes walking to make it more bearable and gain depth. The question will be playing with the minutes between running and walking and reaching a time when you run more than you walk.

Once this moment of our training has arrived, we will follow a series of guidelines and advice, since we are finally runners, or beginners.

We are also going to highlight some drawbacks of this activity, since not everything will be advantages and that must always be taken into account:

Instructions to start running

  1. We can start to organize a training plan to reach a long-term goal.
  2. Follow the training.
  3. Always try to keep a comfortable rhythm: The first days it is good to start very slowly, as slow as possible and then we can gradually regulate that rhythm. If we take and start strong from the beginning without stopping and without giving little by little, we can get injured and all the effort made will be useless because we will have to start from the beginning and perhaps those injuries are already chronic and for life. So you have to be very careful with that.
  4. Always stretch before running to avoid injury.
  5. Go to the doctorand take a good look, lest the activity is not the most correct for us and we do it and we can get a big scare.

What do you need to start running?

  • Training plan.
  •  Appropriate clothing for running
  •  Slippers.
  •  Water and isotonic drink.

Tips to start running

  • Don’t leave it. Even if the beginning is very, very hard and you think that you are not good for it, you will see how in a few days, in a few weeks your body will be able to do more and more and you will achieve it. Don’t persist.
  • Do not go out to eat the world and avoid injuries because as you get injured, it is true that you will not be able to run even if you are dying for it. You will have a sequel for your whole life. It’s not a game.
  • Go to the doctor before starting to run to find out whether or not we can do that activity or we are not even going to consider it.


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